The Triumph of Teresa Harris

Over for Now!

(We could have danced all night…)

“I believe I have a little of the Bedouin Arab in me.”-Teresa Harris

March 22-25, The Triumph of Teresa Harris: a play in two acts

The Palace Theatre and Eldon House present The Triumph of Teresa Harris
Procunier Hall, The Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas St., London ON. 519-432 1029.

The indomitable explorer Teresa Harris returns to London in Penn Kemp’s new play

The Triumph of Teresa Harris!

Her adventures are on stage in 5 Performances…

Procunier Hall @ The Palace Theatre 710 Dundas Street London, ON, N5W 2Z4 Canada

Written by Penn Kemp and directed by Diane Haggerty <>

Performed by a cast of 16 with 2 musicians!  Run time is about 120 minutes, with one 20 minute intermission.

The Cast for The Palace Production, March 2017

DIRECTOR: Diane Haggerty

PRODUCER: Peg Sturgeon
WARDROBE: Aiden Thomas
HAIR and MAKEUP: Hayley Hazelwood

MUSICIANS: Mary Ashton and Panayiotis Giannarapis

Ammar Abraham: Lieutenant/Tenzin
Dean Andrews: Scott
Bridget Corbett: Sister
Grace Ginty:  Sister
Maya Gupta: Mid-Teresa
Brenda Hamilton: Amelia 2
Afia Kyei: Chris
Kassia Mobbayal: John
Christopher Noble: St. George
Irene Paibulsinjit: Annie
Karina Redick: Sister
Kendall Robertson: Sister
Jan Sims: Amelia 1
Old Teresa: Maureen Spencer Golovchenko
Passing Stranger/Cook: Heather Weitzel
Young Teresa: Taylor Jordyn

With thanks to London Community Players at the Palace Theatre.

See and Eldon House Heritage Museum,


“Local History Play Strikes Chord With Ticket Buyers” Maya Gupta plays Teresa Harris and Chris Noble is St. George Littledale in the world premiere of London poet Penn Kemp’s sold-out play The Triumph of Teresa Harris at the Palace Theatre’s Procunier Hall until Saturday. Ross Davidson/Special to Postmedia News by Joe Belanger.

Musician Mary Ashton & young Teresa Harris, Jordyn Taylor, eloquently celebrate the play on

Bob Smith interviews Penn about March events celebrating Teresa Harris.
The video is up on

“From the pen of Penn Kemp”,

“Writer revisits adventures of heroine Teresa Harris” by Mike Maloney

“Two productions by poet Penn Kemp celebrate 19th-century London woman who ‘untied the corset strings’” by Joe Belanger

“Play stands as tribute to one woman’s Triumph”,

Young Teresa 2017
Jordyn Taylor as young Teresa

Photo Credits, THE TRIUMPH OF TERESA HARRIS at The Palace: Ross Davidson

Teresa and Scott

Maya Gupta (Second Teresa) and Dean Anderson (William John Scott)

Wedding Waltz 2017

Back row: Bridget Corbett (Helen), Karina Redick (Eliza), Kassia Mabbayad (John), Jan Sims (First Amelia), Front row: Maya Gupta (Second Teresa), Dean Anderson (William John Scott)

Teresa Tenzin St George

Back: Ammar Abraham (Tenzin), Maya Gupta (Second Teresa), Chris Noble (St. George Littledale)

Teresa dying 2017Back row: Jordyn Taylor (First Teresa), Jan Sims (First Amelia),  Ammar Abraham (Tenzin), Front: Maureen Spencer Golovchenko (Last Teresa)

Videos by Mary McDonald

Why the play should be in the schools:

Scenes from our March 4 performance of The Dream Life of Teresa Harris, interactive video:…/dream_life_of_teresa_harris_march_20….

“What would draw a woman?”

“His girl Friday”



The script of the complete play, THE TRIUMPH OF TERESA HARRIS is now available, on line & in print!

The Eldon House version, THE DREAM LIFE OF TERESA HARRIS is also now available, on line, in print & in London Public Library!



“Anything Penn Kemp writes is amazing. I am sure this won’t disappoint! Mar. 22-25, Palace Theatre – London, ON… Looks like a great play. Thanks @pennkemp for good work.” Joni Baechler

“A marvelous performance, blending music and words to bring an amazing woman to life. Can’t wait to see the play based on this story at the Procunier Hall, at the Palace Theater. We have our tickets already. They are going fast!” Susan Cassan

“I almost checked my passport on returning home for extra stamps (such was the journey we were on today)” John Hassan

“I really enjoyed the event too. The story, the music, and your performance blended together so well!” Julie Ryan

“THANKS for all you do for Eldon House and London’s literary and creative sector!! Maureen Spencer-Golovchenko


The main character is Teresa Harris, b.1839, Eldon House,
London. She tells her amazing life story from her home in
Eldon House. Born the youngest of a prosperous pioneer
family intent on bettering itself, Teresa married a Scottish
military man who promised to carry her off to foreign parts
she had dreamed of all her life. Teresa’s story emerges
through her own voice and that of her protective mother
and her two husbands. Both men offered Teresa escape
from the ordinary domestic constraint for a woman of her
time and position in colonial London society.
The Triumph of Teresa Harris
March4 Penn Panayiotis Teresa
Penn and Panayiotis Giannarapis performing The Dream Life with Mary Ashton.
Photo: Mary McDonald
March 4, 2 pm, 2017. Launch of the original script of The Dream Life of Teresa Harris, CD, The Dream Life of Teresa Harris: a Sound Opera, with musicians Mary Ashton, Panayiotis Giannarapis and performer/author Penn Kemp. Free and open to the public.
This will be a performance from the script, The Dream Life of Teresa Harris, that was performed at Eldon House. Penn’s reading is sponsored by Playwrights Guild of Canada, with thanks to the original London Heritage Council CHIP grant.
Masonville Branch London Public Library, 30 N Centre Rd, London, ON N5X 3W1. Contact: Jennifer Quinton, Branch Supervisor,  519-660-4646, 519-661-5100 ext 2036.
Penn holds forth Moe Diane EldonPenn Moe Diane laugh Eldon
Penn, Maureen Spencer Golovchenko and Diane Haggerty at the Eldon House celebration of Teresa Harris, London. March 23, 2007.  Photo credit: Julie Ryan

the-dream-life-of-teresa-harris-flyers-2017march-4-teresaPhoto Credit: Teresa on Camel, Harris Family Fonds, Western Archives, Western University




















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