The Team from our 2017 Production

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Diane HaggertyDirector

Diane has produced and directed a number of shows for London Community Players. She is also a playwright, and has dabbled in providing props and wardrobe for a number of shows. Diane has produced many shows each year for London Community Players. The collaboration that led (finally) to the production of The Triumph of Teresa Harris was a seed of an idea for her almost five years ago, and she salutes the cooperative efforts of Penn Kemp, Maureen Spencer-Golovchenko, the Board of Directors for Eldon House, and the Board of Directors of London Community Players for finally bringing it to fruition.

Mary AshtonComposer, Performer, Violin, Harp

Mary Ashton sketch

Classically trained violinist, Mary Ashton, is  a graduate of the UWO Faculty of Music and Faculty of Education. As a performer, she has continued to explore the various languages of music, discovering an innate love of traditional music, be it Celtic, Greek, or Arabic, and a deep passion for improvisation.  Currently Mary is co-artistic director of Light of East Ensemble, playing at a wide variety of venues and events. Mary has previously provided a soundscape for Penn Kemp’s production of “Helwa!”, and this new creative collaboration of music, word and drama, is proving to be really exciting!

Panayiotis Giannarapis –  Composer, Performer, Oud, Bouzouki

Panayiotis Oud PhotoPanayiotis began his musical studies at the age of 8, at the Ontario Conservatory of Music.  He studied with various bouzouki players, and continued his studies at the Elite Music Academy on Greek music theory, bouzouki and guitar of various styles. He has studied and is continuing to study the Oud and the Arabic Maqamat theory. He is studying Egyptian music of the Ottoman Era and currently studying the Nay (Arabic Flute).  In studying the Oud, which is his genuine passion, Panayiotis reaches deep into his roots from Asia Minor where he explores the musical traditions of Smyrni and Konstatinoupoli. His love and passion for this particular type of music has no bounds.

Panayiotis Mary Palace

The Actors

 Ammar Abraham: Lieutenant/Tenzin

Dean Andrews: Scott

Bridget Corbett: Sister

Grace Ginty:  Sister

Maya Gupta: Mid-Teresa

Brenda Hamilton: Amelia 2

Afia Kyei: Chris

Kassia Mobbayal: John

Christopher Noble: St. George

Irene Paibulsinjit: Annie

Karina Redick: Sister

Kendall Robertson: Sister

Jan Sims: Amelia 1

Maureen Spencer Golovchenko: Old Teresa

Heather Weitzel: Passing Stranger/Cook

Taylor Jordyn: Young Teresa

With thanks to London Community Players at the Palace Theatre.

Photographs at The Palace Theatre: Ross Davidson

Cast CrewTriumph

Teresa and Scott

Wedding Waltz 2017

Teresa Tenzin St George


Photographs at The Palace Theatre:Teresa dying 2017

Penn Moe Diane laugh Eldon

Penn, Maureen Spencer Golovchenko and Diane Haggerty worked together to present The Triumph of Teresa Harris.  Photographs at Eldon House: Julie Ryan

Penn Kemp Performance poet, activist and playwright

Gav Penn hats AnneA.jpgPenn is London Ontario’s inaugural Poet Laureate and the League of Canadian Poets Spoken Word Artist of 2015. As Western University’s Writer-in-Residence, her project was the DVD, Luminous Entrance: a Sound Opera for Climate Change Action. Her latest works are two anthologies edited: Performing Women and Women and Multimedia ( and new poetry, Barbaric Cultural Practice, Her play, The Triumph of Teresa Harris, will be produced in March at London’s Palace Theatre, It is a delight to work again with such fabulous musicians, with beloved Eldon House, and to collaborate with Diane Haggerty, our director. Updates: She owes Gavin Stairs everything. Photo: Anne Anglin

Maureen Spencer GolovchenkoProducer, Eldon House Past Chair, Actor

Displaying Maureen MSG Headshot.jpg

Maureen enjoys an interesting career as an accredited communications professional and journalist. Having served in various leadership roles and community projects across the private, public and nonprofit sectors, Maureen is currently a writer-in-residence at Fanshawe College. As a consummate volunteer, one of Maureen’s passions is to ensure the future of London’s history and heritage through stewardship of Eldon House, London’s oldest home. As inaugural Board Chair, Maureen and her Board were recognized at the 2015 London Heritage Awards for their work in creating a separate and sustainable heritage museum.  See also



The CD of The Dream Life of Teresa Harris

With Many Thanks to London Arts Council, the Board of Directors for Eldon House, the Board of Directors of London Community Players, Pendas Productions and Community Engaged Learning Coordinator Curricular Programs, Western University,

See the students’ blogs on With thanks to Dr. Manina Jones and the students from her course– Topics in Canadian Literature – Creativity and the Local. “This course examines the literature of Southwestern Ontario since 1970, considering Alice Munro and others who find inspiration in London, Ontario and the surrounding area for fiction poetry, and drama. Students will develop critical, creative, and experiential perspectives and will work with community partners, exploring course concepts in a real-world setting.”

I was very impressed by the CEL students’ accomplishments and keen enthusiasm for the project. The blog, the CD design and the poster are all tributes to their talents.  I am grateful for all they had to offer! It was a real pleasure to mentor them on the realities of being a writer/editor/producer. We all learned a lot, with mutual respect and regard all round! Alexandra Hudecki and Rachel Lam created the blog for the Triumph of Teresa Harris; see Along with  Charlotte Emeljanow and Diego Gonzalez, they contributed to the blog.
Alex designed the CD booklet for The Dream Life of Teresa Harris: a Sound Opera.
Rachel designed the poster for Triumph of Teresa Harris.
Charlotte worked with me on grant applications and copy edits for the play.

Photo of Teresa Harris: Harris Family Fonds, Western Archives, Western University.

A CAIP grant from allowed me time to write this two-act play!

Eldon House

Virtually unchanged since the 19th century, Eldon House is London’s oldest residence and contains family heirlooms, furnishings and priceless treasures of the Harris family. Built in 1834, it was home to four generations of the Harris family, including Teresa – the youngest daughter of founders John and Amelia. The success of present-day Eldon House is built on community collaboration and public programming – both of which are emulated in its partnership with playwright Penn Kemp and the Palace Theatre to bring to life The Triumph of Teresa Harris onstage in late March, 2017.








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