A Few Thoughts as the End of Our Journey Nears….

By Alex

We are nearing the end of our time with Penn – and the time has gone by so fast. Looking back, it is hard to believe we only met Penn a few months ago.

As for the project, now we are just tying up some loose ends and finishing the work we started.

Email has proved to be the biggest help to our communication. Since everyone has such busy schedules it is very helpful to email Penn when we are not able to meet up. I’ve come to really admire the others in our group; Charlotte, Rachel and Diego have really made this experience an enjoyable one and I’ve really found that each person has brought something unique to the table. In a world full were everyone seems to be so isolated it is nice to get to collaborate with others, to share ideas and work on something tangible. This experience has forced me to get out of my comfort zone, physically, and creatively I feel inspired to put myself “out there” more and more with each day.

For someone like myself who is still trying to figure everything out, it is has been a really big help to work with someone like Penn. Of course Penn, is a talented writer and artist in the community. As a person, she has an amazing sense of self. In fact, along the journey of this course I have gotten the chance to meet or see many others with the same presence in the literary community and it is aspirational to me. Penn is someone who knows who she is as a person and a writer, and in a way so does the character of Teresa Harris in Penn’s play. Both of these women have traits I would like to be able to carry myself one day.

I think the biggest challenge I had this term with the project so far is time, and managing the time I had. One thing I think I could have improved on would be to spend less time on figuring things out – how to set up the blog or using the software and more time actually working on the projects themselves. Of course, it was a necessary step and now I have learned many new things that I otherwise wouldn’t have known.

In the last few days of the course I would like to finish up changes with the CD and continue to post a few more things on our blog to really express our journey. Our final task will be to combine all of our efforts and present them to the class. I am looking forward to hearing what the other groups did this term and also sharing our work with them. I feel I will learn a lot through other’s experiences and creativity, as well as the opportunity to introduce the class to the fascinating life of Teresa Harris!

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