Some Thoughts by Charlotte

Everything is coming together at this point: our collaborative blog is up and running, our promotional poster is complete. The process has been a fun one; I have enjoyed getting to know my group mates. Each of us has brought something different to the table and it has been fun to work together. The blog and the poster was an opportunity to bring our individual experiences of the project together into something collaborative. We have all been working with Penn suited to our own interests and the blog allowed us to come together and share that with one another. We were able to start a conversation about the local history of the Harris family, connecting with each other and the community on a common ground. I am meeting with Penn in the next couple of weeks for some more one-on-one work. She invited me to edit her work on the Triumph of Teresa Harris play. I am excited about this opportunity for a couple of reasons:

1) I welcome any editing experience I can get my hands on; 2) I am used to editing my own work or that of my close peers, so I am excited for the challenge of editing the work of an experienced writer; and 3) Penn’s trust in my ability makes me feel like more than just a student. I think it is easy not to take students seriously.

As a student myself, I do not think of the work that I am doing as anything real. I write essay after essay but I do not see the returnd beyond a grade. It is a means to an end. With Penn, however, I am doing work that has meaning and purpose. It makes me forget that I am only a twenty-year-old student. I am a contributing member to something bigger than my classwork and that is something I can really appreciate and cherish about this experience. For now, the group is working individually on their assignments. I completed mine earlier in the semester so I have been relatively un-busy as far as CEL. I am looking forward to meeting with Penn again soon and continuing our work together. I have genuinely enjoyed becoming a part of her work and am proud of what my group and I have accomplished thus far.

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