Picture Perfect by Rachel

A project I have just finished for Penn was a poster for the promotion of her new and upcoming play: The Triumph of Teresa Harris. In the process of constructing this poster, I had learnt an extremely valuable lesson on the marketing of a product/service, or in this case, a play (and that was that a poster must capture the attention of others). The first draft of my poster incorporated elements that I perceived as being an accurate representation of the Victorian era. That included the pigments and designs that reflected an age where symbols, embroidered designs, and floral patterns were heavily prevalent. Penn had requested a specific photo that she wanted on the poster—while I obliged to her wishes, I wanted to make sure that the finalized product did not compose of only one photo as the entirety of the piece. The “aged” nature of the photo caused the tone of the poster to look rather bland, and with the overall goal in mind (to appeal to the vast majority of the population) I found it important to make sure that the poster was captivating. If we wanted to advertise the play to young adults in the university community, it was important that it didn’t look boring. I decided to create a gold colored theme to the entire piece. Penn’s requested photo was laced with a gold border to add that extra “pop”. The font was also chosen to closely represent the type of writing that existed during the time. I created the design of the poster with the influence of the decorations that were seen in Eldon House in mind. I think that the trip was particularly valuable to me because it gave me a sense of Teresa’s local back in her time. It gave me the inspiration that I would have otherwise been unaware of.


We have also continued to work on the blog that is now updated with our personal reflections. In addition, Diego and I are working alongside one another to contrast a series of interview questions for Penn. We aim to have this side project done by the end of the month. It was interesting to see the concept of defamiliarization intersect with the ways in which we experience local space through culture. For example, while working on the interviews I had recollected the ways in which Penn had designed her house. The walls of her home were filled with various arts pieces that hung in their respective frames. I found that the design technique reminded me greatly of the horns, artwork, and frames that were hung in Eldon House. The interior design in Penn’s home and Eldon House were examples of content defamiliarization. Their art was arranged in a similar fashion; which was a style that was considered unique in today’s society. The arrangements of their decorations present the space of their homes in a different perspective. It challenges us to view art in a way that is different from the norm (or what we’re used to).

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