A Reflection by Rachel Lam

Pendas Productions was created by London artist and poet, Penn Kemp. Her upcoming project is the production of her play “The Triumph of Teresa Harris”. This project is not only interesting and exciting for those that enjoy her work, but beneficial to the people of the London area because it uncovers a hidden gem of history.

So far, there have been no challenges to the placement as many of my group members own vehicles. The meet up location is typically at Penn’s house, which is only a ten-minute drive from campus. Transportation to and from the placement have been extremely convenient. Communication to arrange these meetings have also been working well via chain emails. I have also suggested to the group that we run a live google doc to document all of our ideas and progress throughout the process in order to maintain organization. This idea has been effective in keeping us all on the same page with our tasks as the document automatically updates any changes instantaneously.

One of the skills that I have begun to develop is the technical knowledge of the CD design process. After speaking with Gavin (Penn’s husband and publishing partner), I gained consciousness of the details that it takes to design and package a published CD. Some of the concepts that I had learned were imperative to the CD portion of the project include: resolution, dimensions (of both the CD cover and “CD labels), type of font in relation to the content of the playlist, pixels, a reliable photo software (Photoshop, adobe etc.), and creativity (not always does the design have to be legible, in fact many CD designs are more often than not, hard to make out).

In working with my group members to create a blog, I have personal insight from my previous experiences of being involved in different fashion/clothing websites. This summer, I worked for a clothing company and wrote many of their introductory paragraphs. I was also responsible for writing the descriptions to garments. I believe that the experience would function to be beneficial to the blog portion of the project and deliver it the edge it deserves to reach its maximum potential.

The experience so far has been full of learning and discovery. This is the first time that I have ever participated in a CEL course. I was nervous at first, but after meeting Penn and her welcoming husband, I felt very comfortable. This experience allows me to venture into areas that I am unfamiliar with, but am highly interested in. It is an opportunity for me to receive first hand guidance from educated and professional people that have mastered their crafts. More importantly, I think that this experience will allow me to open doors that I may not have otherwise opened without the help of Penn. An example being “The Triumph of Teresa Harris”. I don’t have much past experience on the analysis of plays, but I’ve caught myself looking into several other plays after realizing how much I had enjoyed reading Penn’s.

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