The London Free Press – Kemp chronicles travels by Harris…page=17
“writer Penn Kemp, above, focuses on the “well-travelled” life of Teresa Harris, … Kemp focuses on Harris’ travels to Tibet and beyond”  By Joe Belanger

Play traces woman’s adventures
A new play by a renowned London writer about the life of the youngest Harris child raised at the historic Eldon House”

“Explorer. An Amazing Tale in an Historic Setting”, P. 3, September 3, 2013.  By Mike Donachie  August 29, 2013.  By Sean Meyer.

“Kemp explore life and times of Teresa Harris”, The Londoner, September 5, 2013.  By Chris Montanini

“Penn Kemp brings local history to life with The Dream Life of Teresa Harris  Playwright Penn Kemp uses her creative muse to breathe life into Teresa Harris, daughter of John and Amelia Harris and the former globe-trotting resident of London’s historic Eldon House, while London actor and musician Donna Creighton literally brings her to life in the delightful The Dream Life of Teresa Harris…Donna Creighton is simply marvellous in the role of Teresa Harris. Animated at times and pensive at others, she makes you forget that you are watching a fictitious play.”  **** (out of 4)  By Richard Young”
NB: No archived electronic version “We’ve all heard stories of the Harris family but not like this one. As we travel along listening to the youngest Eldon House girl share her story, we are caught up in some wonderful action, humor and insight to her life as the greatest explorer of her Victorian era.” **** By  Trish West
NB: No archived electronic version

“For anyone who is looking for evidence of a rich cultural, historical and artistic presence in London look no further than The Dream Life of Theresa Harris, Penn Kemp’s magical new play at Eldon House.
Lyrically directed by Louise Fagan, the play is a marvellous retelling of life of Teresa, played by Donna Creighton, on the grounds of the house and through various rooms. Live music underscores the action and setting, helping us to understand the clash of the early Canadian and the Eastern cultures.
If the production is remounted — which it should be — don’t miss it.
In particular, I would recommend it to those who from time to time question the value of supporting the arts in this city or who see the arts as a secondary activity only for an elite. This play is a vibrant and forceful celebration of who we are as Londoners. It is the story of all of us.

By Kevin Bice,
NB: No archived electronic version


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